Ecological Awareness

In addition to energy savings of up to 70% (compared to hydraulic injection moulding machines), the SI-6 series is proof of our ecological awareness within the work environment:


■ The machines were designed to use less lubricant and the specially developed plastar grease reduces consumption by up to 90% 

■ No idle operation and the excellent efficiency of the electric motors reduces electricity consumption by up to 50%


■ Quiet operation due to encapsulated belt drives

Toyo injection molding machine with handling system in action

50 TO 1300 TONNES

Wide range of all-electric injection moulding machines

With clamping forces from 50 to 1300 tonnes, the SI-6 series by TOYO offers one of the largest ranges of fully-electric injection moulding machines. The TOYO-SGM is available in 13 different sizes.

With more than 30 years of experience in the full-electric sector, Toyo has introduced the SI-6 series in Japan, Asia, North America and South Europe. TOYO Europe began introducing the machine into the European market in May of 2007.

Fewer CO2 emissions

A comparison between a fully electric Si-850-6 and a comparable hydraulic machine produced by a competitor yielded the following results:

The difference in energy consumption was measured at 18.43 kw/h. This results in an equivalent of 7 kg/h of CO2. Assuming a usage of 5000 hrs/year, this would equate to an additional environmental load of 35,000 kg CO2. CO2 emissions such as these would require about 2,500 apple trees to convert the CO2 back into O2.


Lower maintenance and peripheral costs

■ Efficient lubrication: The TOYO-SGM'S are automatically supplied with grease via a central lubrication system. The lubricating grease specially developed for these machines reduces consumption to about one tenth of that of ordinary grease

■ No hydraulic oil and no oil catch pan necessary:

   ► Lower investment amounts

   ► Fewer maintenance costs (oil maintenance and hose replacements not necessary, etc.)

   ► Immediate operation since no lead time is required to pre-heat oil

   ► Fewer cooling peripherals needed due to the absence of waste heat, no oil cooling needed

   ► Zero energy consumption during process downtime

■ Shortened cycle times due to fast movements and rapid power build-up

Production Enhancement

■ Because no hydraulic oil is used and due to the efficiency of the lubrication, the TOYO-SGM'S are extremely clean

■ The TOYO-SGM'S are also very quiet. On average, a TOYO-SGM is 1.5 to 2.5 times quieter than conventional hydraulic SGM'S

■ Flexibility in choosing your injection process: A standard feature of the TOYO SGM is that it can make parallel movements. Injection processes such as injection compression moulding are possible with all TOYO-SGM models!

■ This has a positive effect on the workplace setting and on your production in general!

  • Extremely rapid acceleration

  • Less heat... less wear... less lubricant... 

  • The MeltCon program automatically controls the viscosity of the melt

  • Application-specific screw and cylinder designs 

50% Energy savings with TOYO!

The enormous amount of energy saved lets you consume less power than your competitors who use conventional hydraulic injection moulding machines. Increasing your productivity no longer means having to expand your electrical infrastructure as before.

Compared to conventional hydraulic injection moulding machines, the machines from TOYO allow you to connect twice the number of injection moulding machines to your transformer, using the same electrical infrastructure, thus boosting productivity in your company even more!


V-Knee Lever

■ The patented V-knee lever mechanism was developed and successfully tested in collaboration with the University of Kyoto


■ The central transfer of energy helps maintain minimal platen deflection and distributes the surface pressure evenly onto the entire tool


■ In addition, the V-knee lever allows faster & more precise clamping movements compared to conventional locking mechanisms.


Clamping plate

■ Large rail spacing: Large rail spacing facilitates easier tool changes and offers a greater range of flexibility in tool development. The Si-280-6, si-350-6 & si-450-6 machines are equipped with very large rail spacing


■ The t-slots (available in the Si-280-6 and larger models) in the clamping plates allow flexibility when installing the tool


■ In addition, the clamping plates of the TOYO-SGM'S are extremely stable



Available with TOYO machines

For more than 40 years, Sepro has been making history in the world of industry as a supplier of more than 30,000 injection moulding machines worldwide.


Your Free Choice in Robots: This is the promise of a solution adapted to meet your requirements:


 3-axis, 5-axis or 6-axis robots, all with identical human-machine interfaces


 Robots to equip all existing or new injection moulding machines

Focus on Industry 4.0

The general assumption is that industry 4.0 is a technological development. Many envision a function or capability integrated into market-available devices. However, we believe that this idea is far too restrictive. If you consider robots and injection moulding machines, the industry 4.0 is already a reality in today's world. Our devices have been communicating with injection moulding machines and humans for years. These capabilities are essential for proper functioning.

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